I dig painting. Everyday things, holy things and nature are my inspiration.

Hello! My name ann, I am a painter and creator of fun stuff. Mornings are when I'm best, I work well under deadlines and I thrive in clutter. Coffee is my fuel and I am constantly moving forward and exploring new subjects and methods.
As you look through my images, I think you will see that I am drawn to similar colors and textures.  Blues, teals, yellows, green and white can be seen consistently and when sprayed with water amazing drips and shapes take form.  Palette knives and water bottles are both necessary in all of my images.  Recently I have added pops of gold and silver foil into some of my images.  Personally I am not a "bling" type of gal but I do like a little shimmer in some of the abstracts.  Nice way to add more depth.  

Inspiration comes in many forms but to sum up where my images come from would simply be stated by LIFE.  This can be as simple as a food or a place I recently visited or a mood that I was experiencing during the hours of creating that particular image.  I typically don't draw out my compositions but usually let them evolve through the process cultivated by water or impressing bubble wrap into wet paint or layering.  Each painting makes me a sharper person and takes me further in my painting skill and experience.  I am always looking for a new method, texture or source of inspiration!  

Please feel free to contact me for any custom pieces.  I always enjoy working side by side with interior designers on all levels.  Let me know what I can make for you today!  Thanks for your time!  Get out there and enjoy the world! -ann 

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